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Amazing nature, fascinating landscapes and unforgettable animal encounters

Exclusive adventure trips in small groups

Canadian-Swiss tour guide – very small groups – exclusive – individual care – animals up close

If you are looking for an eventful and unforgettable small group tour to Canada, Namibia, Botswana, India or Ecuador / Galapagos, you have found the right travel partner. Are you interested in a very small group as well as a first-class Canadian-Swiss tour guide with individual support? If you are looking for amazing landscapes as well as animal encounters , then I ask you to take a closer look at the travel programs of my guided tours. Since 1997 I have been leading travel enthusiasts exclusively in small groups to some of the most beautiful places our planet has to offer and I would be happy to get to know you soon. I guarantee you unforgettable and unique experiences.


Grizzly mit Jungem

Anyone who is lucky enough to be able to travel through Western Canada in a small group will immediately realize that this area offers an unparalleled nature experience. Open, wild and untamed areas …


Namibia Löwe

Namibia and Botswana are two of the most diverse countries in Africa. Since my first visit & nbsp; I can’t let go of this region with its friendly people and an unparalleled natural diversity …



My explorer trip was an unbelievable and successful experience and I am planning a new trip to various national parks in India. Tigers, lions and an interesting culture await us …


Oldtimer Trips Canada

On request I organize Oldtimer trips in British Columbia.
Please consider that these trips have to be organized quite a bit before the departure date…

For more information please email.

ECUADOR – Galapagos

Galapagos Seelöwen

ECUADOR is unique! The ANDES, the AMAZON and GALAPAGOS – all of this in one country! Together with my excellent local partners, I have put together this new Bruno nature tour …

Motorbike Adventures


Are you up for an amazing motorbike tour through Western North America, Switzerland, Italy, France or Portugal? Benefit from my over 30 years of exploring Europes beautiful roads..
Please get in touch for more information…

Bruno MüngerBrunoreisen was founded in 1997 by  Bruno Münger, who emigrated to Canada, and is a Swiss / Canadian company with headquarters on Vancouver Island in British Columbia / Canada. I have set myself the goal of providing my guests with unique and unforgettable experiences. If you are looking for a vacation partner who can put together an amazing trip to Canada, Namibia / Botswana, India or Ecuador / Galapagos, look no further. Please contact me and I will be happy to give you a few references so that you can hear firsthand how my guests experienced their travels with Bruno …
New Member…
As Bruno is slowly but surely getting older, it is time to think about succession… My older son Andrew hast started to learn about tourism and will be more and more involved in several aspects of the business. He is working on his business degree as we speak and I am looking forward to working with Andrew. He is very responsible, has great people skills, loves travelling and of course… motorbikes…    It will be a lot of fun having Andrew be part of Brunoreisen. 
Group trip or individual travel?

Bruno Gruppe Traveling individually is in. Information can be obtained simply and efficiently, for example via the Internet. But something cannot be downloaded over the internet: experience. Traveling individually takes time. Time to make all the mistakes that can be learned from. Time to meet people and get to know them. Time to forge networks of relationships that are also useful in tricky situations. Every time I discover new travel areas on my own, I make mistakes. This is exactly how it is for all guides who plan, organize and accompany high-quality trips. You pay dearly. Teaching money that is credited to your experience account and that you can fall back on during group trips. I look forward to accompanying interested people through my favorite areas and introducing them to my friends. Slowly and surely. With enough time to meet, observe, experience and enjoy. With enough time to be yourself. Despite … or thanks to group travel …


Bruno in Kanada

I lead every Bruno trip personally and even if we experience a lot the motto applies:
«Less is more!»

With «traveling instead of racing» we see a lot more on the way and there is always enough time to process the experiences properly.


Möve Galapagos

If you like animal and wildlife photography, you have come to the right place. I am an enthusiastic photographer myself and by having years of experience in animal behavior you can be assured to get some great pictures!

Even if my trips are not specifically photography based tours, we will always take enough time to capture our favorite objects in the best possible light …

Animal encounters

Grizzly KanadaAs you have probably already seen in my gallery, unforgettable animal encounters are very important to me.
Our top priority is of course always the safety of my guests.
But it is also very important to us that we do not disturb the animals. We observe them respectfully in their world, and with a distance that is appropriate to the circumstances.
Sometimes a little closer, sometimes a little further away, depending on the situation, but always so that it is right for everyone involved, including the animals.